Tarot Reading: The Energies of November 2017

A Reading by Laura González

The month of November brings us: The Seven of Wands, The Ten of Swords and The Sun.

In this combination we are told that we are currently feeling the need to defend our position and boundaries; that transformation in our mind is imperative and that once we find new ways of thinking happiness will be there for us!

I jokingly call number seven the GPS number as a fun way to explain its energies, all sevens are present when we benefit from ‘recalculating’ our situation, they come to remind us that we need to take a look to where are we heading and to evaluate if the work we’ve done has been beneficial for us, in this case the Seven of Wands illustrates that we are very passionate about what we stand for, to the point that it feels we need to explain and defend our position constantly. This creates healthy boundaries and sets a wall between us and those who we perceived as attacking us. Don’t forget though that sometimes the walls we build keep us isolated and away from relationships and situations that could be loving and pleasant. We won’t know until we break those walls! The Ten of Swords visually is not a pleasant card, however mentally is one of the most positive ones, or at least this is the way I interpret it. Swords are all about the element of air and relate to our thoughts and ideas, and being a number ten tells us “this is it!” thinking the same way we had in the past hasn’t take us anywhere, so the message of this card is to let those old ideas die so we can make space for new ways of thinking, for new ideas, to be adventurous and spontaneous, perhaps once we change our mind we can change our reality and we won’t have the need to defend our every thought, word and action. The Seven of Wands say to stand up for what you believe, however you don’t have to always stand alone. And then after the darkness we face on the Ten of Swords, The Sun comes out, we make the conscious decision to be happy and to be able to find happiness anywhere we go. The inner child teach us that as grown people we can be in control of our instincts and that what makes us feel so passionate in life, and still have fun while doing it. Now this child is also surrounded by a fence, but not a wall per se. It’s about standing for what you believe without sacrificing your well-being and happiness in the process. We are still staying alert, but not isolated. Be you and be happy! Best of Fortune to you all!

Tarot: Rider Waite Smith


Tarot Reading of the Week (10 July 2017) ~ by Laura Gonzalez


Reading for the week of July 10th of 2017 for Lunatic Mondays – Lunes Lunáticos courtesy of Tarot by Laura Gonzalez

This week brings us: the Two of Wands, the Queen of Pentacles and the Knight of Cups; in this combination we are told is time to make educated choices, that no matter what, we have potential to manifest and to keep on moving with our projects.

The Two of Wands is a card that talks about a couple of choices in which we are not really emotionally invested and at the same time, both seem genuinely “the right one” and the truth of the matter is that they both ARE, so it’s not a matter of doing the right thing or choosing the right path but rather to take a look into your past and then projecting towards the future; which of these choices seems to be more likely for you to be seen to the end?, and which one (or a similar one) have you abandoned in the past?. There is not right or wrong choice, there are consequences though; which one can you live with and which one can you live without? Trust your intuition!

Whichever one you choose, the Queen of Pentacles gives you a reassuring advice, you do at the moment, HAVE the “Midas touch” and whatever you do, beautiful and bountiful results will manifest for you. Her energies within you will help you organize and maintain your resources with creativity and beauty. You will feel grounded and emotionally balanced.

At the end is the Knight of Cups who provides the final ingredient to success, moving forward with love for what you do and taking firm steps towards your goal, always listening to your intuition and intentionally finding love, beauty and pleasure on every one of your projects.

Best of fortune to you all!

Tarot: Rider Waite Smith


Freya and Beltane


~ by Mark Pope

Freya is the Norse goddess of fertility, passion, battle, and trance work. As Odin claims half the honorable dead on Midgard (Earth), the other half is claimed by Freya. She is a fierce warrior maiden. Freya even taught a form of magic to Odin! She oversees both battle fields and wedding days. So, one can see the importance of Freya and the range of things that she governs.

As a goddess of fertility she is often associated with the spring. It is thought that the May Queen, the center of many May Day parades in Europe, is a representation of Freya.

As the May Pole and its ribbons are representations of the Lord and Lady, some associate the pole with Frey and the ribbons with Freya, showing that these two divinities have united to usher forth the spring. Some even speculate that Scandinavian May traditions did indeed develop around Frey and Freya. It’s important to note that they are not lovers, but are brother and sister and they often work together to insure good harvest and fertility for humanity.

On Beltane, Freya is called upon for fertility of the people and the fertility of the land. Her brother Freyr accompanies her and together they bless the land with a healthy spring.

Here is a prayer that you can say on Beltane to honor Freya,

“Hail to the Lady of amber.
Hail to the Lady of steel.
Hail to the Lady of passion,
Bringer of luck,
Bestower of wealth.
You are the envy of all the Gods,
the treasure of the nine sacred worlds.

Freya, mighty and magnificent,
We praise Your name this Beltane.
Ignite within us an awareness
of our own creative fire.
Ignite within us a passion,
to burn through the pale shadows of our lives
and find integrity:
in all we do, in all we dream, in all we are.
Bless us, Freya, Lady of the Vanir,
and we shall hail You,
always.” – By Galina Krasskova