Freya and Beltane


~ by Mark Pope

Freya is the Norse goddess of fertility, passion, battle, and trance work. As Odin claims half the honorable dead on Midgard (Earth), the other half is claimed by Freya. She is a fierce warrior maiden. Freya even taught a form of magic to Odin! She oversees both battle fields and wedding days. So, one can see the importance of Freya and the range of things that she governs.

As a goddess of fertility she is often associated with the spring. It is thought that the May Queen, the center of many May Day parades in Europe, is a representation of Freya.

As the May Pole and its ribbons are representations of the Lord and Lady, some associate the pole with Frey and the ribbons with Freya, showing that these two divinities have united to usher forth the spring. Some even speculate that Scandinavian May traditions did indeed develop around Frey and Freya. It’s important to note that they are not lovers, but are brother and sister and they often work together to insure good harvest and fertility for humanity.

On Beltane, Freya is called upon for fertility of the people and the fertility of the land. Her brother Freyr accompanies her and together they bless the land with a healthy spring.

Here is a prayer that you can say on Beltane to honor Freya,

“Hail to the Lady of amber.
Hail to the Lady of steel.
Hail to the Lady of passion,
Bringer of luck,
Bestower of wealth.
You are the envy of all the Gods,
the treasure of the nine sacred worlds.

Freya, mighty and magnificent,
We praise Your name this Beltane.
Ignite within us an awareness
of our own creative fire.
Ignite within us a passion,
to burn through the pale shadows of our lives
and find integrity:
in all we do, in all we dream, in all we are.
Bless us, Freya, Lady of the Vanir,
and we shall hail You,
always.” – By Galina Krasskova

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