Making New Year’s Resolutions Work

Happy New Year 2015. 3d


The Julian calendar New Year is upon us!  A lot of Americans are planning out their resolutions, but how many of us really stick with them?  Not very many!  In fact, only about 8% of the people that make resolutions actually stick with them to completion.  So what can you do to achieve success with your resolutions?

  1.  When making resolutions, make them very specific yet attainable.  Saying “I’m going to lose weight” is a weak resolution, while saying “I’m going to exercise 1 hour a day, 5 days a week, increase my water intake to 10 glasses a day, and eat 4 vegetarian meals a week” is a much stronger goal.
  2. Find a resolution buddy.  Even if your resolutions aren’t the same, being accountable to someone else keeps us moving towards are goals.  Sit down once a week, maybe over a cup of coffee or tea, and talk about your progress for the week.
  3. Don’t make too many resolutions.  Many people fail because they have far too many resolutions to keep track of and make changes for in their lives.  Choose one or two areas of your life you want to improve.
  4. Instead of making “I’m going to give up X” resolutions, turn it around to an action resolution.  Replace “I’m going to give up smoking” with “Every time I want to smoke, I’m going to take a 5 minute walk.”  Make it achievable and a good alternative to the behavior you want to change.
  5. Don’t get down on yourself when you screw up.  We all screw up when we are making changes to our lives.  Habits are hard to break sometimes.  Explore why you went back to the old behavior.  Was it where you were or who you were with?  Make changes so you don’t sabotage yourself again.

Resolutions are good things to have.  They help you change directions in your life when you need to, replacing bad habits with good ones.  Just remember to make them attainable and you’ll be well on your way to achieving your goals!

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