Tarot Reading by Laura González: The Energies of December 2017

The month of December brings us The Hermit (reversed), The Six of Cups and The Four of Cups (reversed).

In this combination we are told that we’re currently feeling the need to come out of our isolation, to have moments of joy with family and to be open to receive happiness!

The Hermit reversed is asking us to be out in the world. Our souls have had enough of being isolated even if it’s been by choice. This month of social gatherings and winter celebrations asks of us to be out and about, even if we feel dragged into it. Our true self wants to be social, so why not try and make the best of it? The world has enough challenges as it is. Flip that energy and come out of the cave, be that social butterfly you were meant to be!

Love and family, social situations and the feeling of yearning for our more innocent times and childhood is here represented by The Six of Cups. This is all about family (blood or chosen). It’s telling us to create the precious moments we’ve experienced around them in harmony and celebration. Even that weird uncle or cray aunt. They won’t be here forever, so take advantage of family gatherings and social functions to reignite the warmth of connection with loved ones.

We often try to run away because we’re afraid of being open and vulnerable like the Four of Cups reversed, but some magical memories can be made here. It’s okay to be a little messy with your emotions. This is not a time to be guarded, but a time to be open and willing to receive what life has to give you. “Pastito al alma” I call it, grass to the soul! Family is a precious gift, be open to receive it in this gift giving season.

May 2018 receive you with love, joy and laughter, may all the blessings of a new cycle welcome you and may you be healthy, wealthy, whole and loved on this year to come!!

Best of Fortune to you all!

Tarot Rider Waite Smith