Beltane Incense

Beltane Incense

Beltane is the perfect time to make a special incense, even if you’ve never made one before.  They are simple to make, especially when you are making loose incenses to be burned over charcoal tablets.  Simply put, these types of incenses are herbs and other botanicals are placed in a container, covered, and shaken to mix.  It’s that easy.

This incense is perfect not only for Beltane, but any fertility, love, or growth workings.  Use it in your spellwork to bring power to your words.  Following each ingredient is what it brings to the mix, metaphysically.

Beltane Incense Ingredients

Basil ~ fertility, prosperity, strengthens love

Cinnamon ~ lust, love, protection, raising spiritual vibrations

Dragon’s Blood ~ love, protection, potency

Hawthorn ~ fertility, happiness

Lavender ~ love, protection

Mugwort ~ protection

Patchouli ~ fertility, lust

Rose Petals ~ love, protection

Mix equal amounts, crushing any larger pieces, such as the Dragon’s Blood or hawthorn berries.  (I use a coffee grinder specifically set aside for my herbals.)

Place in a labeled jar, complete with ingredients.