Welcome to Our New Website

Welcome to our new website!

We are going to be filling out this website with all kinds of information, recipes, spells, and everything else you can imagine!  If you’d like to add something, send us a note!  We’d like to have many voices filling the halls here.

The forums will be up soon, and we will be populating that with anything and everything we can, from simple rituals to complex ones, and beyond.  We’ll be setting up a place for “newbies” to the path to ask questions, get answers, and find their way through the myriad of paths that are open to them as Pagans.

Everyone is welcome.  We ask that you maintain a level of decorum on this page and the forums, as people of all ages, from tweens to adults.  Please keep everything civil.

Many blessings and many thanks!

~ Jewels