Tarot Reading by Laura GONZÁLEZ: The Energies of March 2018

Reading for the Energies of March 2018. The month of March brings us: The Ten of Wands, The World (reversed) and The Three of Cups.

In this combination we are told that hard work is paying off, that we may have challenging moments of isolation however, we can always look forward to moments of joy and happiness.

The Ten of Wands represents our passion and creativity materialized. That project in which we have been working so hard is right in front of us and, even though we’re tired we know all the hard work has paid off and we have reached our goal. Our project materializes right before our eyes, it’s been a long journey but it’s worth every minute we invested on it.

The World reversed inspires us to take some time off, after all we have just reached the finish line on a hard race and recharging our energy is vital. Some times that implies being away from the world even if it feels challenging or uncomfortable. Whether we take some time off or just act a bit more private for the time being, remember that this is “me time” and more importantly, that we deserve it. Nothing lasts forever, neither work nor solitude.

The Three of Cups announces that celebratory times are to come after we recoup our energy and it feels like friends and family will be there for us to share a victory lap not surprisingly right on time for Spring, we see ourselves beginning to be more social and with the energy and disposition to be around our loved ones enjoying the beauty of life experiences.

Best of Fortune to you all!

Tarot: Rider Waite Smith




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