Tarot Reading of the Week ~ By Laura Gonzalez

Tarot reading for the week of May 15th 2017 for Lunatic Mondays – Lunes Lunáticos courtesy of Tarot by Laura Gonzalez

Tendency: Strength (reversed) – This week you are feeling a disconnection with your own Strength; there may be old habits or even addictions creeping their way back into your life, this is making you feel weak and powerless. Avoiding or denying these things is not Strength, Strength is confronting them head on, recognizing that we have a pattern or addiction we have not been able to shake or even accept that it’s there. The moment we name our demons they become less scary and less powerful. Asking for help and being in touch with others (mentally and physically) is not weakness but rather one of the most powerful shows of Strength

What to do: Three of Coins– Get in touch with those who may support you, those who have helped you before, they are not going to be judging you they will help you build a strong alliance against whatever it is that is ailing you and making you feel powerless and weak. You have been there for them before, be reassured that they will be there for you. Think close family, spouse or partner and friends whom you call family, these people will help you, all you have to do is have the courage to ask for help.

What not to do: Wheel of Fortune– Do not deny yourself your good Fortune, there are times when being the victim of our own circumstances is “easier” than taking action, blaming our bad Fortune is just the easy way out! The Wheel of Fortune is constantly moving teaching us that there are times of abundance and happiness but also times of lack and sorrow. Well this is NOT a time of sorrow for you, Fortune is in your favor so don’t turn your back against it. Face it and count your blessings, pick yourself up and go with the flow. Regain your Strength and keep going, at this moment Fortune IS on your side!

Tarot: Rider Waite Smith



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